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In a minute I'll get the third year, since when officially, regularly and with the commitment I'm working with blogging. I am a blogger, I have a blog, I like it, and still - I don't read other blogs.
Why? I don't like them? I'm not interested in it? Not. So the reply is probably simplest and most basic in the world, because... I don't have time for this, what I regret a bit, but what can I do. Usually a lot of work, and when I already find some free time, then I'm all for what I love. Omitting other facts, I often have even lack of time for dealing with the own Internet little point what easily is possible to notice, and how to look to other websites... All the more so because little of blogs is about something what really interests me, actually so far only one amazed me, unfortunately, the author of that blog decided to finish her activity and to remove the website scarcely month after I started to run mine. So it's easy to count, these are already also almost three years, since for the last time regularly and with interest I read someone's blog.
Some people most probably are disappointed with this fact, but well, not always everything even in the most trivial matters is so, how they would want it to be.
So somebody would ask "Where from she is taking inspiration, if not from other blogs?"... Here I must also dispel doubts, because only a life, feelings, own experience and... Music are my inspiration. 

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