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Short time ago a royal marriage ceremony took place. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people had eye on it. Friends, family, as well as strange people talked about it and asked me, what I think about the relationship of Meghan and Harry, when will their children appear, how the wedding day is going to look like, whether I will be watching the live streaming of celebrations, and when everything was done - an exchange of observations about the bride's dress, her hairstyle, veil, gestures and everything of the event began. People acted like mad analysts fighting for the million of dollars for finding as many details from the princely wedding as it is possible.
And I? Hmm... So as seven years ago, 29. of April 2011, when William and Kate were getting married, as the twelve-year-old girl I sat amazed with big eyes on the TV screen, with the admiration following every minute of their celebration, so now... It didn't completely care. It didn't interest me, didn't arouse curiosity, surprise, admiration... Totally nothing. Zero. I didn't plan watching transmission, I did have such an intention, and the wedding day of the American woman with the British prince - I missed. Till today I didn't also read any review, I didn't look through photos or videos.
I ignored stories and provocations of friends, because simply I don't have a reason or a willingness to be interested in a life of people strange to me, and especially live with their marriage ceremonies, if soon I will have my own wedding ceremony, my own white dress and what's more I'll be not a princess, but a queen, happiest in the world and the one and only.
I am a queen of my life, I'm leading it to defined goals, I'm not interfering in someone's matters, I don't let strangers interfere in mine and I simply care about this, what most important for me and unnecessary voices falling down on my back and becoming just a dust. It's enough for me. So why should I be interested in large media wedding, when it is my matter in no way, nor will it give nothing meaningful into my life or won't help me, or nobody whom I care about?

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