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Pregnancy. Beautiful, unusual, time, sometimes coming unexpectedly as the surprise, sometimes very long waited and impatiently expected by future parents. Full of joy, anxieties, unexpected actions, but also... Stereotypes and superstitions.
For the time of 9 amazing months future mothers get to know plenties of interesting things, including many fake ones, simply absurdities which are supposed to save from the disaster, to bring luck, to indicate the gender of the child, to let get to know the future and many many other interesting predictions and superstitions which mutually are surpassing each other in their ridiculous nature.
Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, friends... Every has something to say, every wants to help, all offer their golden advice, unfortunately often also the ones, of type "don't wear small chains or belts during pregnancy, or the baby will be wrapped the umbilical cord and will stew" "don't eat strawberries, or else the child will be freckle-faced", "don't buy the crib, the stroller or clothes before the childbirth or the baby will die" etc. etc... In a word - tragedy.
Nicely, dear women you want to share your experience with other mums, but really, mother-to-bes have quite a lot on their mind and a lot of own worries, so why to add more concerns to them, telling stupid and nonsensical superstitions from the medieval, when the quotient of the human intelligence was a little bit above the zero, and the mortality of children was very high, what at present fits to reality like a stick to the eye.

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