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Did I burn myself out?
Did I get tired?
Did I run out of steam?
Isn't writing already for me?
I am definitely overtired, actually exhausted. I feel like pumped out. Writing doesn't bring me the joy as it's been doing for a few last years. Creating every single post isn't already coming easy to me, on the contrary, becomes a challenge, with compulsion, I'm lacking mood and power.
I admit I don't have a clue what happens. I don't know what happens to me. Several times within last weeks, the tries of writing the new post finished with tears. Stress? Hormones? I'm not able to understand the current thing, because after all I can't complain, in my life everything is fine, I am happy, the new phase is coming to me, and the blog which until last time has always evoked the smile on my face and I couldn't wait until I sit down and add something new here, after all I loved it. Differently I wouldn't persevere here almost three years, dedicating a lot of time and heart for creating the blog. The blog which was my greatest passion and the blog which now I'm giving a wide berth...
As a matter of fact you probably also noticed that during the last month I had really rarely appeared here. It is partly linked with the big changes occurring in my life, but in part also with the described situation.
What will be now? I don't have a clue. Really. For the first time for years I don't have a clue, what will be next with my website, whether we will survive this crisis, whether it will be the end. One thing is sure. I need rest, relaxation, refreshing and beginning anew. Perhaps after comeback from the travel my condition will be better and then again former will to the work on articles will come back. I can only count on the pardon of the time, I can do nothing more... I only hope that it won't be even worse...
And now? Now most probably I will try to force myself to create something new and to add here, in spite of the complete lack power, not to let to sink something what I created with whole my heart...

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