Star to be.

by - 11:56 PM

Whether being a child or a teenager didn't you dream about fame, being a great star, somebody recognizable, adored who is arousing the common interest, about whose life others want to know everything and even more than everything? For the young man standing on the threshold of the life, frequently it is the fondest dream, but...
If anyone anytime thought, what a difficult task it is? How very much must these people have a strong and immune psyche? After all the fame and the recognizability is largely hate... Which, let's say frankly, not everyone deals with. Hate, interest, many times violating and breaking the privacy by complete strangers, the eternal presence of your shadow in the Internet and other media, rumors and being a ceaseless element of other's conversations... Now still the vision of being a star looks so seductively and optimistically? Probably no longer is shining such bright brilliance like earlier, right?
Personally I can admit, that when I was a child as well as in early teenage years, also I mused, how miraculously would be to be somebody recognizable, the star, celebrity, best commonly known worldwide. The state of such fascination lasted, until I got to know a bit of a taste of the real life and the interest more than enough. Now, being on the present stage, having some experiences behind me I think that I wouldn't like something like that. I can't imagine being a great star, the lack of the privacy and the personal sphere. Everyone has own limit. Mine are very narrow. There isn't place for everyone in them, neither for being an exhibit item at the exhibition.

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