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I am fake, the hologram, I don't exist, me isn't me, my life isn't mine, I stole the face from other person... - after all I survived throughout 19 years, I live and I'm not gonna disappear.

If at any time you thought how it feels to be a fake, a hologram and other kinds of beings like these, you can be satisfied - you found the right place.
During last four years, when my activity in social media was already much developed and intense (yes, I know that it's difficult to believe, but earlier I was rather a passive user of the Internet and I preferred to hide in the shadow instead of to be conspicuous), I was accused many times that actually... I'm not me, but somebody else, my accounts are created by completely different person which invented such a form as me, named her,  design the life story and consistently is persuading everyone around that the created heroine is real, and for increasing the confidence level - steals photos of some girl, innocent and not conscious of anything. Hmmmm if imagination and the stupidity of some people were able to fly, surely would glide all over the sky higher than planes.
The cabaret has been playing with the full power. Photos, films, live coverages with my participation - nothing gave the effect. Some in spite of the incontrovertible proof, still had their own version, that is... I was promoted to a job of the hologram.
However this frenzy reached its apogee last year, when in the private message one strange girl wrote to me announcing that she knows that photos of the face and body published on the blog and Facebook don't belong to me. My surprise was quite big, when she started threatening, that if immediately I won't remove all photos, accounts and the blog (which in her belief I also stole), I won't disappear from the Internet and I won't apologise for the impersonating somebody - she will destroy me, she will make me a rubbish in the Internet and I will remember her words to the end of my life.
Hmm, gladly I would learn whom the person which allegedly I am impersonating is and whom my face, my body and my blog belong to. But well, most probably this knowledge wasn't given to me, because the author of ambitious messages, asked by me for showing any evidence of the existence of the person which is reportedly "the owner of me", in response attacked with insults, next disappeared in thin air and never again appeared. Interesting coincidence.
Guessing, what causes irrational acting of some people is simply impossible. Maybe it's better so, because discovering the source of the human stupidity could end with trauma to the end of one's days.

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