Perfect to be.

by - 6:31 PM

Great chase, ceaseless rat race. Various ideas, sophisticated tricks, lies and illusions. People are bending over backwards, are cheating other, but first of all themselves, they are able to give in to all tortures, if only to achieve the excellence and to become an ideal. For such a name many would be able to do everything literally.
Unfortunately, many times in this endless run, more and more persons are losing themselves, forget whom really are and drowning in the artificiality. Are plunging into illusions, playing the game with themselves.
However for what to chase something, what unattainable, impossible to get, what doesn't actually exist? Why so many people forget, that exactly our advantages and disadvantages, the truth and the naturalness are making each of us exceptional and unique?
There are no perfect people, there are no perfect things, nothing is perfect, but after all there is so lot of beauty in this world. The beauty which is often undervalued. It's worth to remember about it.

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