Happy Birthday!

by - 6:41 PM

A few days ago, and exactly on 13th of February there was my 19th birthday. On the meter the next year of life, new paths trodden, basket filled up up to edges with the experience... And what next?
I am surprised with changes which happened to myself, because... Say what you like, but I wouldn't expect such pranks of the fate... And what's more -in one year! I have always known that an eight is my lucky number, so on my eighteenth birthday somewhere or other subconsciously in my heart of hearts I hoped, that being "eighteen" the lucky star which will carry something unusual into my life will take care of me.
The last twelve months of my life were absolute ride in the roller coaster, but what an excellent ride. At that time the most of probably most beautiful things happened in my life which I want to look after and to keep in my heart already forever. Feelings which I got, are brilliants amongst all which I know and I suspect, that even when I'm already over the 70-years-old old lady, at the thought of the year, when I was 18-years-old and about everything what happened then, I'll get a tear to my eye, if streams don't come.
I don't want to dwell it on, what bad, unpleasant and sad... It happened, I won't forget, but also I won't live it, block, close on new and better which is coming.
This year which I survived, changed me diametrically. It revealed world to me. Showed the life. This true, sweet and bitter. It taught a lot of valuable lessons. Realized, whom I love, whom I hate. Pointed who loves me and will stay with me forever, will support above all else, and who wants to destroy and is my biggest enemy.
It was a beautiful time of revelations, tries, mistakes and wonderful decisions for entire life which will be based on my future.
And what the time from the sign of the nineteen will bring to me? I'm waiting impatiently in order to get to know paths which the fate prepared for me.

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