The voice.

by - 2:34 PM

Your voice is the power of your character. Your own voice. Why?
Until you are silent - you have a very big chance of the fact that in the public life you will walk without the harm, because... You don't simply have it. You are silent about anything - most often and people are silent about you. Simple? Of course, that simple. Like to add two to two. You don't say a word, you don't get noticed yourself, you aren't a thorn in somebody's flesh - you don't exist. You have a peace.
However if you have both feet on the ground, you express your opinion loud and openly about anything you want, you aren't afraid to demonstrate your opinion - you are risking encountering the firing line, being on tongues, colored into various epithets, wave of hate from the side of other representatives of the human species. You will probably also learn many interesting things about yourself which you didn't know before. But well, such a nature.
Therefore so, if you aren't afraid of being at gun point, of collecting gibes for your views and opinions - your character is really strong. You have the voice - you have a power. Don't let people take it away from you. Although many people gladly would take away brave persons the possibility of giving their opinion, because of fear, that can say something what won't suit them - we which know, what we want - let's keep a cool head.

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