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Although it seems so little obvious - the privacy besides love and the health is one of the biggest treasures the man can have. But unfortunately, in such developed world so few people appreciate it and generally speaking understand its definition.
More and more persons live the opened, public life. They don't give some thought to what, when and where will publish, neither who will get it, who will see, whether it won't be used in dishonourable goals. They don't think about it. For everyone who will want to see through their social media, they are opened books, are saying and showing inappropriate things to wrong people. Either they give their privacy up described before way or are lose it when somebody is coming with boots into their life who doesn't know basic rules of the personal culture and the humanity. Well, it happens. But helloo, who should respect your privacy, if you don't respect it? Look after yourself, don't allow everyone to the access to what should be only yours, or else you will lose something precious.
I have always tried to protect my personal sphere, what I have to admit with pain - not always was successful, because of what a few very wrong persons who cost me unnecessary nerves and the stress entered my life. However now, with the accumulated experience I'm already much stronger and I will protect my private matters definitely more carefully so that never again wrong hands which don't deserve it touch them.

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