Ocean of the soul.

by - 5:12 PM

Something, what's deep hidden. Something what the majority of people is ashamed of. Something what is most often perceived as bad. Fluid feelings. Strongroom of emotions.
Reading it, most probably you think now "What does she mean?" Yes, I guess, that so thoughts are just accompanying you this moment.
So... Do you already know what I am writing about, you guess, or still you don't have a clue?
Tears. Probably they aren't strange to you, right? They keep the man company from the moment of the birth to the rest of his life. Since childhood days it is one of ways, into which sincerest and most tremendous feelings are finding the outlet. From euphoria to despair. Power and the powerlessness. Sadness and happiness.
Tears can be an indication both for some reason beautiful, as well as terrible, but the true, sincere, always, without exception, are sailing out from the bottom of heart. Therefore a fact that so many people don't appreciate them is sad, that they perceive only as snivelling, childishness, hypersensitivity.
Everyone has the right to tears. It's a symbol of the wealth of feelings and the beauty of the soul, rather than the immaturity and the infantility. Appreciate sensitive persons, these are really pearls amongst world more and more anaesthetised. At one time they might rescue you.

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