The falling stars?

by - 8:42 PM

A few days ago we had a chance to admire millions of beautiful falling stars in the sky. It's awesome view, the same as feelings which are accompanying seeing the star with sparkling speeding above the head.
For me these tiny shining dots have a great personal meaning, I have the great fondness for them. Stars and the sea, it is my duet. I'm strongly connected with them, accompanied a few most beautiful moments in my life, influenced and gave a lot to the amazing climate. Always, no matter what, flashing by all over the sky they heralded and are heralding coming of something incredible.
Universally believing that falling stars are fulfilling dreams is accepted and many persons hold it... But today not about it, because after all for what to be guided by superficial beliefs, when it's possible to have a fresh look according to own experiences and to feelings. I won't write "what people..." here, because why to talk about something, what's already for ages known. I'll write about myself, about things which I have experienced and how this everything actually is.
So... Do I believe that falling stars can fulfill dreams? Partly yes, partly not. Everytime when I can see it I'm sure that very soon something beautiful what will fill me up with happiness will come. I'm sure about it, because maybe with the ordinary coincidence, accident, or real influencing - after seeing this phenomenon some of my wishes and dreams has always found fulfilment in the short time, after the storm a sun came out, a smile appeared on my face anew, and hope grew in me. Therefore I feel, that there must be something in it. Admittedly somebody can say it is a stupidity, but from own experience I know, that everytime I see the falling star in the sky, the ups and downs of life are going very successfully even in the blackest time, when my hopes for the success and better times are zero. I don't care about other people opinion, I don't impose my opinion to anybody, so I will also let nobody impose theirs to me. Whatever is the truth about the influence of these heavenly bodies on human happiness and dreams coming true, I personally think that it's the motivator which helps to think at least a bit more positively, makes eyes open more widely to world and and it's more easy to make steps which will lead to achieving the fulfilment. However despite of everything stars have a great sentimental meaning for me above all, and in combination with the sea are creating unforgettable mood.

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