The only help.

by - 9:37 PM

Sometimes there are moments in the life, when clutching the head is nothing. When air is so thick that it's hard to breathe. Sometimes to not to go completely mad it's necessary to simply dissociate yourself. Not to think. Not to overthink. To concentrate only on what you love, but about the rest just to forget, as if stopped existing, as everything around ordinarily wasn't. I know, it sounds strange, but in some situations such an attitude is essential to live and to survive. If somebody never felt, that a second or two more in such sea of thoughts and incidents, and will explode - will never also understand what I am writing here about and I'm trying to hand over. Sometimes despite everything - it's worthwhile simply, for own good to close thoughts, to dissociate yourself from everything what makes feel bad, to devote yourself to what you love, give it time, to open heart and let it guide... And wait till every cloud will have a silver lining...

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