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What's done is done!
A few days ago, after two years of having the blog I got 10 millions of your visits and every month about 100-300 thousands of unique users visiting me. For me, as for the ordinary girl writing with passion, it's the great success and honour, which has always been inconceivable for me. Wow, really. So I want to thank you all very very very much for the fact that you were and you are with me, that you read what I write, that you are devoting your free time for looking to my blog and you don't leave me, in spite of better and worse moments. I'm extremely grateful for you for this huge dose of motivation which gives me power and is encouraging to keep going and continue my work. It really means a lot for me. I hope that you will stay for a long time and we will together make our way to next millions. One more time thank you for this unexpected pre-Christmas gift and I hope that my blog will remain the particle to which willingly and gladly with smile you will come back in your free time. 🌸

Best regards.
~ Magdalene Anne

PS. I know I'm not photo artist but at least it's personal and honest 😉

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