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There are different situations in life. It's not always colorful. Sometimes happens, that somebody does something what tremendously hurts us, what causes huge harm on the our soul, on the psyche. Something what leaves permanent signs which are very difficult to heal by the passing time, and it happens also in such a way that even the time isn't able to heal incurred as a result of someone's activity wounds. Cases are going in various directions, sometimes the culprit will go quiet and will walk away into the shadow without the word, some other time generally speaking won't care what he or she caused and still will continue his or her awful behaviour, otherwise will decide, frankly or not - to apologize the person which he caused damage, hurt, hurt and will decide to ask for forgiveness. However to forgive somebody something what a lot of times led to tears, isn't something easy at all, happens, that it's too difficult, the wound is too deep and the apology isn't being accepted, or for the peace the consensus coming true, however despite of best intentions of the hurt man for giving the second chance, he isn't able day by day for no particular reason, to simply forgive and to wave the case aside, forgetting about everything and starting everything anew, in addition staying with somebody like that in touch and have good relations. It's not possible to rebuild everything what was destroyed and by force demolished in a few moments or one day. There is time needed, a lot of time and waiting for the right, crucial moment, when this hole in heart will heal up and give place the chance of possibility of refreshing relation with the person, after which the deep injury remained. Provided that generally speaking such a moment of the readiness will come. Human feelings aren't a waving of a magic wand, but the old, traditional saying "heart decides on its own" concerns not only a love and choice of the second half, but
also the ability to forgive of concrete human. Sometimes it's better to agree for the symbolic peace, however not to force anything to oneself what in spite of the goodwill the heart doesn't let and to go separate ways both in the other, own direction, not forcing oneself by force to rebuild something what already doesn't exist actually, what a long time ago was already finished off, quarrelling deep inside with oneself that something is going on, what actually you don't feel. Irrespective of it, what connected those two or more persons, whether it was something neutral, the cooperation, the friendship, or even something so delicate and strong simultaneously as the relationship. Most important is to act in harmony with own feelings, and there's rather nothing worse than putting a brave face on it and fake pretending, that it's alright, when isn't, tiring in addition mercilessly. Everyone has own life and let's live it, caring for the own peace of mind, without playing a role at the theater of masks.

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