Pyramid of dreams.

by - 5:36 PM

Everyone has some dreams. Sometimes ordinary, small, down-to-earth, so everyday, and sometimes at first glance unfeasible, unreal, unusual, large, magical like fairy tale. However one connects them - all are awesome, special and unique. And about all it's worthwhile fighting, irrespective of what people say, life is only one and it's necessary to make use of it as much as it is possible. Everything depends on us, whether we will get them, whether we will achieve what we want, or not.
I have dreams too, I have a lot of dreams, also so which for other people can and seem unfeasible. But despite everything, I didn't give up, I don't surrender and I don't intend to surrender. Just the opposite, I'm going stubbornly to aspire at the aim so long, as far as all, even the ones most distant, or at least a majority of my dreams, of plans will be carried out and will become reality. And I will frankly say somehow not very much in this case I care about other people's opinion. They won't be happy instead me, if I get it, neither disappointed, disappointed with feeling the emptiness, if I give up and I will resign something, of what for years or even always I have wished. I know, I'm aware of the fact that this if matters of which I am dreaming will take place and will come true, or whether will come to nothing and will leave me burnt down and with the bitterness, depends only from me, from the way how I am acting, how I will be acting, what ways I will pick and in what way I will lead my own life, and maybe by the way I will get by to make happy also somebody whom I love and whom I care, achieving what I care about and becoming a fulfilled, strong woman, fulfilled and happiest human. Slowly, with small steps from fundamental bases all the way to the top, from every stage deriving inspiration and joy. Every small dream is a reason to pride and pleasure which is building new dreams, which I will fight till the end, not letting nobody or nothing break me from my way and lead to nothing.

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