Vice versa.

by - 4:30 PM

People expect respect. They expect treating them with the dignity. They want to be appreciated, liked, perhaps even adored, but certainly don't want to be kicked around. For oneself everything, requirements grow day by day higher than the Himalaya, and as more they expect for themselves, as worse they treat other. However the hugest paradox is the fact that as more meanly people treat other people, as better treatment they require for themselves. So damn! How long will it last? What you give, this you get! If man you think that you can anybody, even a person half a life younger than you, to treat like the biggest piece of rubbish and to demand the respect from her towards your person, but humiliating, aggression etc will stay without the consequence, then believe me, more wrong you cannot be. You are in such a great mistake, as all universe huge is. And don't delude yourself, the justice will catch you, you won't run away from it. Ill stereotypes, sick thinking: older can oppress, younger must respect, after all older is a lord and master, and younger can be bullied, because of course these are such normals as the respiration... Lack of words. It's like kind of age, blood ties, or professional positions conditioned who has to be respected, and who can be smothered, dragged through the mud. So not. Everyone is equal. Everyone is a man, everyone has the same rights and everyone deserves respect. The child, the parent, the grandson, the grandfather, the great-grandfather, the two-year-old and the centenarian. The chairman, the messenger and the farmhand. The healthy and the ill. Everyone, irrespective of how many years has, which sex is, the origin or the status. If you don't give this respect, you hurt somebody, you deserve precisely the same. You deserve for experience it firsthand, maybe then you will learn. What an exemplar you are giving with yourself - the same expect for yourself. You aren't God to let yourself to do everything limitless. Remember it.

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