by - 7:49 PM

I never understood, I don't understand and I will probably never understand people which says to other "For what? For what is it to you? After all it won't be useful to you. Why are you wasting time to this?" etc. They don't ask somebody about the sentence, aren't interested, why somebody deals with it, why somebody learns it, don't talk, but are already criticizing and undercutting. Perhaps some persons are more ambitious and curious about world, than the ones hibernating common sloths, looking into one angle, which feel the need of getting new abilities, discovering new horizons, which finding the own ways is pleasing and giving satisfaction. Perhaps at one time it will give them the huge mettle, and small haters will be able to disappear and envy. I can't comprehend this unreasonable hate to somebody who has an avocation for something original and rare. If you don't like something in someone's passion which doesn't harm you, it doesn't appeal, ok, but if you have nothing positive and motivating to say, better keep to yourself your smaller and bigger malicious remarks. You wanna be a rusted cyborg, it's your choice, your problem, but don't stigmatize because of that the other, wanting to make progress.

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