Take a look in the mirror.

by - 10:52 PM

You are susceptible to opinions other? You're losing the self-confidence, or generally speaking you don't have it at all? You think, that you are hopeless, that despair, weakness rules your life, and at all everything what worst, and you are so shapeless something which can only spoil everything? Yes? Because people say like that? Because this way they are persuading you? They want to push to your head, that you are nobody, because they like it, because want to destroy somebody and to take their anger out on somebody? If you haven't done anything bad to anyone, if didn't seriously you hurt anybody, don't care about such silly stories at all. Get up, look at yourself in the mirror and think about it - whom can you see there? You really can see the monster and nothing and nothing worth creature? Because actually you are whom you can see in yourself, you are such a person, what you believe that you are. If you're a decent man, you didn't give the mankind the clear reasons to hate you, and you think badly about yourself, you're giving the same right other. Therefore look at your face, look into your eyes, smile to yourself and believe you aren't a nobody at all. You are and you will be whom you consider yourself.

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