The riddle.

by - 11:14 PM

Destiny. One of eternal riddles of the mankind. Does it exist? Or perhaps it's only one of folk superstitions on average thrown to the wind? If it's possible that somebody or something are bequeathed to every man in stars? Whether in our life interferes a higher power, which gets us for given paths, if we want it or no, to something very important for our future could happen, up to it, we would get to know somebody who will change us and our life for forever, who will cause that all pains, sorrows, suffering of the past will be gone into forgetting, who will heal wounds better than the time? Will cause that it'll get completely different colours, other meaning, and we will stop look at world this way, as earlier? Whether for everyone something what is necessary for him/her to be happy, without which will feel the emptiness, unsatisfied feeling? Is the one person which will be as the second half of the apple destined for each of us? Must everyone go through life with the designated way? The fact, or only a myth? If at one time we will know, what is the truth, or the case of destiny will be forever remain drifting in the abyss of the human ignorance? Nobody knows it.

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