by - 4:10 PM

Love. Something strong and simultaneously so delicate... Sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's leading to tears... It's exposed to attempts and is exposing to attempts... Thanks to it we're becoming convinced, how very much we are able to become close to the other person and how very much lack of him/her hurts... Happens, that for some reason the life is testing us... Often cruelly testing us... Sometimes it's caused by the unwanted course of events, sometimes it just have to be like this, such a fate wrote a scenario that story had been supposed to go. After all not always everything is all roses... Sometimes it's necessary to fight for this, because hard times are, like in every field of our being, but it's an attempt only, examination in feelings, a shock therapy being supposed to make us aware, what and who is most important for us... If we love truly, if this love is true and mutual, becomes hugest power in the world. Nothing and nobody won't defeat it. It's  indestructible. It will survive everything, will win. Years, kilometres, time - are stopping being significant... True love will survive everything. It's just necessary to notice it, develop and never let go... Because this is a gift, one of the most beautiful gifts which man can receive, something what can make his/her life happiest and most exceptional in the world... If love turned up in your life, care for this and don't let go. Never. Regardless of everything and everyone. Remember.

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