Key of happiness.

by - 11:59 PM

Happiness. What actually is this? And what its paradox is, that poor, ailing, hungry, orphaned, and without roof above the head, the ones which really could say that life didn't spare them, are able to be pleased with this, to appreciate it, and the ones which live on the good stage, cannot complain, or what worse, in luxury with the excess of cash, all the time feel sorry for themselves, how are they the poorest and most injured...? This is the justice... Yeah... Many people through half a life, or even through entire mumble that they're unhappy, exasperating, lonely, that wasn't given them, that they weren't destined for the success, love wasn't written for them, finding their own happiness, building a safe nest wasn't destined for them... And the truth is that there's no man in the world which doesn't deserve the fulfilment, which never will be like this, there's no! Whether there's a healthy, or a sick person, everyone deserves being happy and can have it! It's necessary only to think positively, work and most importantly not to give up! Never! But first of all can appreciate it, what have! Yeah, but... Of course it must always be some "but"... Quite a lot of persons are convinced, that in order to fulfill one plan, to fulfill one dream, it's necessary to leave all the rest, because it's impossible to reconcile studies, job, the family, love, the travel and aspiring to longed-for aims in one! Because how! It hasn't the smallest chances! Mission impossible level hard! And then are surprised that they're unhappy... And meanwhile everything is possible to do, because for someone wishing - nothing difficult. It isn't necessary at all to give one important thing up in order to achieve other. It's not necessary. It's necessary only to fight. To fight for dreams and fulfilling them. To fight for this, what the most important. If for somebody really care about something, will make success of it. So man, pull yourself together, set to work and work! You can have it, you can be happy, but mustn't let happiness to slip through your fingers, and fight for this! Fight how much power you have! You can do this! What are you risking, yeah what? You aren't sure, but what? Nothing! Because who isn't risking, is losing, and only what in life is certain, these are taxes and a death! So don't give up... Never give up! If you really want something, don't wonder to put into it entire of your power, and you will get it. Just do it. You are a warrior. You are able. You will achieve. With little steps to the aim. You will get what is the most important for you. I believe in you. And you also have to believe. Because there are no impossibles. There are only our psychological restrictions.

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