Broken connection.

by - 1:33 PM

Sometimes happens that we want to forget about somebody, to rub him out from memory, to delete from the life, to dissociate from everything what is tied with him... Forever. It's really hard, particularly if person, even if hardly nothing didn't link us with, caused us enormous harm, not recalling about which, what worse we trusted and given warm feelings. When somebody did something what destroyed from inside, burdened psychological to such an extent the most evil thoughts started being in a jumble in a head, didn't felt like them living... People are able to stick a stab into the back... Yes... I know it as far as too well. However everyone probably knows this paradox, that more is fighting for the oblivion, all the more this man and painful memories associated with him are taking hold into the mind. Unfortunately, but the truth is, that even if it isn't known what we do and if we tried very hard, forever we will already be somehow or other associated with people, with which now we don't want to have nothing to shared. Moments, situations, words, everything what we passed together, became a part of our life so to speak, of us alone, formed our more distant fates. Experiences with the participation of even these most hated persons, influenced whom we had become, how our psyche changed, our mentality, who we are now. It's possible to struggle with it, to do a everything in order to forget and actually to achieve the opposite effect than planned, or to be reconciled with a past, to appreciate oneself, the person which we are at present, to find at least a smallest positive in what the past gave to the present time and to open for the better future, because the past is an indelible part of each of us.

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