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by - 11:58 PM

Sometimes better to give up, seriously, for one's own good. If something from the centre is suggesting you, or is screaming straight out: 'No! Don't do it!' give up, really. It isn't worthwhile interfering in matters which you feel, that will bring nothing positive, won't give you happiness which so much you expect. In some cases better to say 'STOP' before cases will go too far, and instead of joy sadness, suffering and disappointment will appear. Well is sometimes to listen intently to oneself, to discover what has subconscious to saying for us, to allow the intuition to speak, because not on special occasions it is. Mainly rejected to the background, or generally speaking not noticed, but so often being able to warn, to protect from many dangers and pain... If only you will hear out for it. In the end up to something the nature gave it us, so why not to use something what can help to spare many bitternesses?
Probably everyone knows emotion, when very much wants to do something, by force to aspire to the given target, and somewhere inside a whisper appears: 'Think, something here isn't ok, suspicious situation, it won't end well', after all is going further, is wading in baulking, is telling to oneself 'Ow there, without the exaggeration... I don't believe in such things, I will get it, it won't be badly '. You have a self-confidence, it's okay, the point for you. Only whether so that is itcertainly worthwhile blindly pushing ahead, disregarding what's trying to provide internal 'I'? Supposedly the risk is good, but if from the beginning something isn't giving you the peace, in spite of willingness is tormenting feeling, as if toring you from the centre, pulling away as the magnet from making a given decision - don't do it, neither don't let force yourself. Nobody knows what you feel, so let nobody manage your life. The same, when you know very well that a case is lost, and by force you are still trying to fight for it... It doesn't make sense, really, only what you can acquire these are nerves, worries, stress, disappointment... Therefore certain situations better to give up, before it will be too late and to protect oneself from the unnecessary suffering, or then else sorrow and the million of questions 'Why? What tempted me to do it?' will stay, and nothing will turn back the time.

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