Ex's & Oh's

by - 12:12 AM

They promised, cheated, betrayed... And then what? Great apology, promises of changes and blah blah blah. Familiar, true? Not not, it doesn't work like that. Why that we are supposed to worry, to take over, to irritate? After all they mixt it, they screwed up, so let's they disappear. For what to break blood through such vermin, unnecessarily to waste time and to bother oneself? For what? We mustn't give up, to surrender. Let them know, what they did, let them feel their defeat, and let us enjoy  life, because it is so beautiful. Without false muzzles and parasites. Remember - never let ex come back to your life, let poisons it for somebody else. At one time they'll meet their match, and we will be laughing straight into their face. However now come on! Head high up and ahead to get happiness which we fully deserve.
And for you? Successes in further activity, bastard :*

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