Dream experiment.

by - 9:51 PM

After what I will write here, you can say I'm abnormal, strange or what you want, but... Through the recent month I carried a kind of 'experiment', that's every day, if only I remembered my dream enough, I inspected it (attention, attention!!!)... in the dream book what supplied to break this to my password of my smartphone dictionary (lol)... Fortunately I already got rid of it.
I wanted to become convinced, to check what in this mystical and (in my humble opinion) false invention fans can see it. What it has in itself so what it's buying, that believe in it (let us not delude ourselves) hundreds of thousands of people worldwide? Why is it enough... I don't know how to determine it... Universal adapting to the life almost of every reader? After several weeks 'observation' I stated, that so-called 'book of the dream' is simply... masterpiece of psychology! It's exploiting the power of persuasion to mix up people's mind, to cause in them hope, joy or awaking fear, danger. It's transferring the man from the pole to the pole. From euphoria to depression. Without human imagination (which, let us not delude ourselves - is huge) the dream book wouldn't have chances of the existence. It is its key to success. I won't be talking how according to this hmm... Hahaha yeah... is my life, because it's a clean comedy, I'm telling you, clean comedy.
For the X woman is getting up in the morning and on apnea is running 'to ask the authority' which is foretelling her the quarrel of the century. The poor is doing everything to avoid it, however subconsciously is starting waiting for the smallest mistake of surroundings and when it's happening, immediately is provoking the row, and then... Oh my! It came true! My dream came true! Remarkable! Only get down woman, neatly tap on  the head, because not a dream book influences your future, but it's doing the reliable brainwashing for you and YOU, yes YOU, this way you unwittingly insistently are trying, if only 'predictions' became true. Dammm da da damm... And that's the mysterious visions. Magic!

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