New horizons.

by - 9:36 PM

Today a bit from other fairy tale, cause... The time for extending ranges came. I understood, that seeing still into the same point to nothing good won't take me, so in the sphere of blogging I'm opening news in the completely different style, than the one presented here, however I don't intend to give it up, because writing with you influencing on me cleaning, I can always, at any time, any moment write what tired or is tiring me. I simply love it, here I'm writing what I think and I haven't to be afraid that it won't appeal to somebody, but to you how I think it appeals :)
In earlier posts I recalled that at one time I had already written the blog, even two, in different time intervals, but it never made me such joy, how now, then it was like... something in the style of killing time, boredom, and now? Now it's one of ways to express oneself, own sentence, forming something on my own conditions and own principles from pleasure, not compulsion.
If you're willing, you can look also to my additional site, on which at the moment is only one notice, but in the near future I'll try to add next as far as possible regularly.
I hope that you won't leave me:)

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