Like a rainbow.

by - 8:01 PM

You know what? After recent events I'm having an overwhelming feeling, that everything about what I care, what I hope, for what I can see 'the light in the tunnel' is actually... Nothing. Ordinary appearance. Supposedly real, and yet unrealistic. Like the rainbow. As if was, and in fact it's only an optical illusion, dispersed particles of the sun's rays, colour light. Even though frequently we are aware it, many of us since the youngest years are dreaming to touch it, to be on its second end... The same is with dreams and hope for realization them. At first something inside us grow up, a chance appears, then somebody is winding the spiral of illusions, false motivation appears, we are imagining how perfectly will be when everything will go fine, when we'll achieve what we've always wanted... And suddenly it's turning out that it was most ordinary 'eye-washing' and in real practically don't have possibility of getting 'star from the sky' without the greater damage than the benefit. In this way the man is losing the faith, and in place of joy feeling of the senselessness appears...

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