Hot time.

by - 10:46 AM

It was probably the worst night this year, almost generally speaking I didn't sleep. I got into bed at midnight, and I felt asleep after 5 a.m. and woke up at 7:28 a.m. ... As a matter of fact what to be surprised, after all recently the temperature in the day isn't dropping below 40°C  in the shadow, about the full solar exposure even not recalling, so probably and at night isn't falling much... Stuffy, warmly, with difficulty is breathe, dizziness. It's impossible to stand it. From over of month the heat is pouring from the sky, and when for the last time it rained... Even I don't remember. Someone's pleased that it's a beautiful, perfect summer, possible to sunbathe (or rather to burn) and the like etc. However for me it's worst its version which can be. It's murderer, all diseases returned with redoubled strength, and some only appeared, but what to advise? Looks like the fact that we should be patient, wait even for the minimal cooling, and at the moment to find other sources of joys in last days of holidays. :)

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