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by - 4:39 PM

I reached a conclusion that I need changes. Solid changes. This way so I got started to seeking myself, discovering strong points, new prospects for the future, creating plans... At the moment I feel, as if I'm suspended in the space of the nothingness. I don't know what actually I want, what's my real purpose, what I should to do with myself and what in life to do... I haven't a clue whether the way which to this moment I thought as perfect for me, indeed is the one good which I should follow... Whether the my place is here, or perhaps better will be to think about building the future in other place in the world... Whether indeed I've something, what others don't have, and what can help me with many matters, prepares for this? I don't know. Possible, but whether I'm supposed to believe it? Whether it's only my natural abilities and human insinuations? And if that's true? If that's all true? If not everything is really this what like it looks like? Are you man aware of that appearances can be deceptive? Perhaps in fact each of us is completely somebody else, than the person, which others regard and which she/he considers her/himself?

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